Sunday - 2:00 PM


1418 21st St.
Vero Beach, FL FL



Welcome to The Gate

We gather informally and we greet one another warmly as each arrives.  We meet in a circle so that we are face-to-face with one another and like Moses we long to meet with the Lord face-to face.  Generally we open with prayer and enter into worship but we want to always let Holy Spirit lead us so that can change. Our focus is on Worship-intercession, the Word and Works of Jesus, giving Him the glory and honor He deserves.  We celebrate at the Lord's table in communion as we ministery to Him and to one another. We are on a journey to know and grow in the Lord and let Him have His way in our lives and our meeings. 

The Worship-Intercession

The musical aspect of worship may include contemporary songs, psalms, hymns or spontaneous and prophetic songs. Some may be familiar and others you may not be familiar with. There may times with just instrumental offerings.  Those with the instruments and the microphones are very important but everyone in the room is the worship team. God is looking for those who worship Him in spirit and truth. John 4:24  A song may come from anyone in the room or they may read Scripture, intercede, pray or proclaim Spiritual truth or revelation. 1 Cor. 14:26.  Everything that is done is to minister, first to the Lord and then to one another and everything that is done is to strengthen one another. 

The Word of God

We place a high priority on God's Word.  The Word of God is the plumbline by which every activity in our lives in measured.  As we meet the Word will be the message in the music and the spoken words interspersed throughout.  The Word will be proclaimed with Scripture readings, declarations and decrees.    We may pray Apostolic prayers or pray other portions of the Word.   We teach and proclaim  the love and grace of God, as found in God's Word and as we do we know and grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.   "These are the very Scriptures that testify about me" John 5:39.  

The Works of Jesus 

Our purpose is primarily to glorify Jesus.  We come to meet with Him but we come to meet with one another as well.  Holy Spirit will lead our intercession and any personal ministry or prayer that may be needed.  Healing is the children's bread and in His presence in times of worship and prayer there is power to heal so we make room in our meetings or near the close of our meetings for the Works of Jesus. Isaiah 53, Matthew 8:16-17, Luke 9:1-2, Luke 10:9, Mark 16:15-18

A House of Prayer

All of these create an atmosphere for the Pesence of the Lord in the House of Prayer.  We are hungy for His manifest presence and in His presnce we find fullness of Joy.  Amos 9:11 is a verse that speaks of raising up the tabernacle of David so that it is rebuilt as in days of old.  The glory of His presence filled the tabernacle of David and our passion is to come to a place of His presence and be a people of His presence.  As we do we know that the glory of the Lord will be revealed in our transformed lives and Jesus will get all the glory.